Mix & Mingle 

Meet and greet​ with your favorite character on your child's BIG day... 30min
2 Character​ Birthday Sing & Play   $199.95
Happy birthday sing along, 2 characters of your choice, two games w/ prizes , special gift for the birthday boy/girl, 25-30min character show with singing and dancing plus D.J….  photos welcome.. 60mins

Packages and Details
All Parties are 30min to an 1 hour unless more time is requested. All characters come with there own music and we provide our own sound system, and games..
2 Character Special      $125.00

​Two characters of your choice arrives to your event, meet and greet with characters ​photos welcome… 45min
 Cartoon Party
Extra Character $59.95
Extra 30min $59.95
One Character Birthday Sing & Play  $159.95

Happy birthday sing along, two games with prizes, 25-30 min. show with singing and dancing, special gift from characters plus D.j….. photos welcome…​​ 60mins
Character Rental
Offer applies per two characters.
Mon- Friday only
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